About Me

Born in France and raised all over the world, my diverse cultural identities and worldly travels define my approach to life. I am an explorer of knowledge, pragmatism, and spirituality.

I came to meditation before practicing yogic postures. I studied literature and philosophy as a way to explore my roots, asking myself: Why am I here? Who am I?

In 2016, after much resistance from myself, I started exploring yoga asana. Yoga has helped me manage and heal my experience of plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, PMS, emotional instability, grief, trauma, and more. It helped me discover who I am, how I function, and has helped me make better decisions in my life (sometimes not easy ones!). It helped me gain strength, set healthy boundaries, and be vulnerable.

In 2017, I decided to live one of my dreams: I went to Paris to become a Pastry Chef while continuing on my yogic journey.

I experienced baking/cooking in a mindful way, connecting to my breath, my body, my thoughts, emotions, and spirit.

The more I created connections within myself, the more I came to realize that I was learning from Nature and from my bodies (physical, emotion, mental, spiritual). These are all One, interconnected!

Melanie (57)

In 2019, I decided to become a Certified Yoga Therapist to help others experience a life with less suffering, more peace, and more happiness. This path has helped me trust in myself, in my teachings, and in what is out of my control.

My students, clients, and teachers have taught me that what I am teaching is important in the healing process of a person. 

I love reading scientific articles and witnessing first-hand positive changes that occur within a person through Yoga Therapy. That is why I truly believe science and spirituality (the study of the Self) can create miracles.

By becoming aware of our Breath, we can change our brain activity, our Mind and our habits. We are so much more complex than our physical bodies. We start to become more ourselves and we start to manifest the inherent potential that is within us which results in abundance. 

Working With Me

For Yoga Therapy, I Work Mostly 1-1. Whether You Want To Work With An Injury, Persistent Condition, General Health Issue Or Simply Improve Your Quality Of Life, I Would Love To Work With You.

500 RYT (700+ Hrs of Training)
California, US & Chennai, India

1000 C-IAYT (800+ Hrs of Training)
Vancouver, Canada & Chennai, India

Certified Pastry Chef
Paris, France

Lineage: Krishnamacharya/D.K.V Desikachar Tradition (Viniyoga). 

If you want a community experience, I invite you to explore the mindful cooking workshops and yoga therapy group classes.